First Peoples Proclamation to * International Criminal Court, *International Court of Justice, *National Courts and Governments of UN States, and *You Peoples… on International Human Rights Day 2023.


1. Prosecutor of International Criminal Court.

2. Judges of International Court of Justice.

3. National Courts of UN Member States.

4. All You Peoples of the world and Your Governments.


We, the First Peoples, the Sovereigns of These Lands,

declare and affirm,

1. Our Sovereignty has never been ceded and can never be ceded under our Law.

2. Our Law is about Responsibility to Care for Country and Relationships to Country.

3. We call on all persons here to swear allegiance to Our Law and to remove, renounce and denounce the genocidal crime family of “King Charles III of Australia” and his successors and predecessors.

4. The sole basis for King Charles law here in these lands is the multigenerational ongoing genocidal invasion against We First Peoples— and the whole world knows you cannot get valid title to law or land by invasion and genocide.

5. We have never consented and and can not and will not ever consent to King Charles III of England and his puppet kleptocracies “Commonwealth of Australia” (Our First Peoples stolen wealth) and the settler colonies “States and Territories”.

6. We call on the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, the National Court of UN Member States, and all You Peoples of the world and Your Governments to recognise and uphold our Sovereignty and reject the genocidal kleptocracy “Commonwealth of Australia” and settler coloniser kleptocratic “States and Territories”.

Sunday 10 December 2023, International Human Rights Day

Signed by each of the First Peoples , the Sovereigns of These Lands:


Download Proclamation of First Peoples Sovereignty, 10.12.2

Command to Windsor, Allan etc–Resourcing Big Meeting of all First Peoples on 26 Jan 2024 at Camp Sovereignty (formerly Government House, Melbourne), 15.12.23