Case Documentation

This section contains the legal documentation that has been submitted to the relevant courts as part of our process to bring the illegal state of Australia to justice for crimes of genocide against Us and Our Communities.

The aim is to demonstrate that Australia has a clear intention to destroy Us and Our Communities by premeditated acts of Genocide as defined under the Genocide convention such as removing children, causing serious mental harm, removal from lands, imposing conditions of life likely to lead to Our destruction — not to mention killing Us in custody and causing Us to kill ourselves including the obscene epidemic of youth suicide.

We want to provide short term and historical public accountability for lawyers, judges, government decision-makers and all people involved in defending our charges. 

The documents are added chronologically from date of lodgement to the court or submission to government officials.

The online dossier will be forwarded by UN Member States to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. It will also be part of the brief for UN Member States to take Australia to the International Court of Justice as well as in their own national courts.

Supreme Court of Victoria genocide litigation 2024

LIST OF DOCUMENTS FILED IN SUPREME COURT OF VICTORIA 7.3.24-18.07.24 COPIES OF DOCUMENTS: 1. Originating Motion filed by Plaintiff 07:03:24 2. Affidavit filed by the plaintiff 07:03:24 3. Summons ONE filed by the Plaintiff 12:03:24 4. Summons TWO filed by the...

GENOCIDE THEFT CASE Robbie Thorpe v Stolenwealth of Australia.

YOUR DENIAL OF FIRST PEOPLES SOVEREIGNTY = PROOF OF YOUR INTENT TO DESTROY US  = YOU ARE GUILTY OF CRIME OF GENOCIDE. First lodged on Monday 9 October via the website portal of the High Court of Australia, this case claimed that Australia's continuing denial of First...