ECOCIDE CASE Marji Thorpe v Chris Bowen, Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong, Anthony Albanese, Commonwealth of Australia.


On Monday 20 November 2023 Marji Thorpe lodged an application for an urgent interim injunction ordering relevant Government Ministers to:

1. Notify the UN that Australia wanted to add the crime of ecocide to the crimes that could be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court aka the ICC.

2. Attend the Assembly of State Parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC to lobby for the adoption of ecocide at a special meeting in 3 months time.

The Court refused to accept the case and Marji has filed complaints with the Racial Discrimination Commissioner and others.




1. Complaint of Marji Thorpe to Racial Discrimination Commissioner CROUCHER, 24.11.23

1b. MT email of complaint to RDC Croucher, 27.11.23

1c. Email from Andrew, National Information Supervisor at AHRC, 9.35 am 7.12.23


2. Complaint of Marji Thorpe to Equal Opportunity Commissioner ALLEN with all attachments, 24.11.23

2b. MT email of complaint to EOC Allen, 27.11.24

2c.Covering letter of Marji Thorpe to EOC Allen, 24.11.23


3. Request of Marji Thorpe to Yoorrook Justice Commissioners to summons officers YOUNG, ROGERS, LYNCH, GAGELER, 24.11.23

3b. Auto-reply from Yoorrook, 2.22pm 27.11.23


4. Request of Marji Thorpe to Attorney-General DREYFUS, 24.11.23

4b. MT email of Request to Attorney-Genersal Dreyfus, 27.11.23


5. Request of Marji Thorpe to AGD Judicial Commission Taskforce SMRDEL for update, 24.11.23

5b. MT email to Judicial Commission Taskforce for update, 27.11.23


6. Second request of Marji Thorpe for detailed data and info to High Court officers GAGELER, LYNCH, ROGERS, 24.11.23

6b. MT email of detailed request for data and info to Gageler CJ and Clerk Lynch, 1.37pm 27.11.24


7. Request of Marji Thorpe to National Anti-Corruption Commissioners  BRERETON, ROSE, GAUNTLETT, HINCHCLIFFE, REED to recommend Parliament amend NACC Act to include High Court, 24.11.23

7b. Auto-reply from [redacted] NACC inbox, 2.28pm 27.11.23

7c. Extract from decision of NACC Inspector Furness dated 23 November 2023, reproduced at pages 33-37 of Evidence 6 of Robert Thorpe to Yoorrook Royal Commission, 23.11.23

7d. Decision of NACC Inspector Furness re email to NACC, 23.11.23

7e. Confirmation number COR20232088 from NACC, 28.11.23


8. Proposal of Robbie Thorpe to Rules Of Court committee for new rule, 29.11.23

8b. Email request to Law Council to forward to Indigenous Legal Issues committee, 1.11pm 29.11.23

8c. Further email from RT to Law Council re ILI cttee confirmation and contact, 9.40am 30.11.23

8d. How hard is it to email Law Council of Australia’s Indigenous Legal Issues committee and chair? 30.11.23

8e. Email of RT to Australian Institute of Judicial Administration Presidents, Indigenous Justice ctee and ICCE, 1.39pm 1.12.23

8f. Auto receipt from AIJA, 1.39pm, 1.12.23


9. Attorney-General DREYFUS’ correspondence unit reply to Marji Thorpe, 25.1.24– see documents 4 and 5 above.¬†