New Indigenous Courts going global…

Emerging out of the nationwide crime scene that is “Australia”, these new courts start a global network of First Peoples justice. Sure, they’re only interim courts– until enough First Peoples grant them recognition and authority. But hey, they’ll do for now to prevent and stop the genocide going on here:

1. Interim INDIGENOUS CRIMINAL COURT — using our Sovereignty to stop and prevent individuals committing genocide and warcrimes. 

Click on the International Criminal Court link at the foot of this page to go to the ICC website to get an idea of how this might work for Us with First Peoples as Justices.

2. Interim INDIGENOUS COURT OF JUSTICE– for mobs to take on States like “Victoria” and “Australia”. And also for mobs to sort out Sovereign business between mobs (like boundaries and jurisdiction) outside the genocidist State’s imposed system (like Australia’s imposed non-Sovereign “native title” and Victoria’s imposed non-Sovereign “elected assembly”).                                  

Click on the International Court of Justice link at the foot of this page to go to the ICJ website to see how this might work for Us but with First Peoples justice systems.

3. Interim NATIVE POLICE COURT– sooner or later First Peoples are going to need to find a way to confront the sad fact that the Native Police are still out there out of sight doing the Invaders’ dirty work against First Peoples.

Looking at the evil and destructive role of Native Police in the long struggle for peace and justice, theres got to be a way for the rest of Us to call it out and find ways to rise above it so that at last the Native Police are no longer in the saddle.


Killing for Country, David Marr, Black Inc, 3 October 2023, Melbourne

Listen to David Marr interviewed by Richard Fidler on ABC Radio National, 10.10.23

“This is a richly detailed saga of politics and power in the colonial world – of land seized, fortunes made and lost, and the violence let loose as squatters and their allies fought for possession of the country – a war still unresolved in today’s Australia.”  states the  Black Inc blurb at  The blurb continues with quotes from people or media with Name Recognition as follows:

“This book is more than a personal reckoning with Marr’s forebears and their crimes. It is an account of an Australian war fought here in our own country, with names, dates, crimes, body counts and the ghastly, remorseless views of the ‘settlers’. Thank you, David.”—Marcia Langton

“[Marr is] one of the country’s most accomplished non-fiction writers. I was sometimes reminded of Robert Hughes’ study of convict transportation, The Fatal Shore (1987), in the epic quality of this book … Killing For Country is a timely exercise in truth-telling amid a disturbing resurgence of denialism.” —Frank Bongiorno, The Age 

Killing for Country … stands out for its unflinching eye, its dogged research, and the quality and power of its writing.” —Mark McKenna, Australian Book Review

“It’s a timely, vital story.” —Jason Steger, The Age

“The timing of this book is painfully exquisite and it demonstrates perfectly how little race politics have changed in Australia.” —Lucy Clark, The Guardian