Genocide Notice to Premier Allan, Governor Gardner, etc– 1 May 2024

This email letter now set out at pages 8-51 of affidavit of Uncle Robbie Thorpe affirmed 5.5.24 before Sgt Curtis 34501, Richmond Police Station, and submitted electronically to Supreme Court of Victoria with Originating Motion– New Case Request  407406 pending.

Affidavit of Uncle Robbie Thorpe, affirmed 5.5.24

Originating Motion, Aunty Alma Thorpe, Uncle Robbie Thorpe v Prothonotary Rod Ratcliff and Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes, 5.5.24

Complete copy of Letter emailed to Premier of Victoria etc, 9.08am 1.5.24

Heres an excerpt:

 Click here to read Complete copt of Letter emailed to to Premier of Victoria etc, 9.08am 1.5.24